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In The Beginning, God

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  • For those who may not have figured it out yet, Alexandrea and I are unashamedly convinced that God, in his divine wisdom and power, brought the earth and all people into existence. Frankly, I do not see how anyone could believe anything otherwise. But, if you won’t take my word for it, and you won’t take God’s word for it, a visit to Ken Ham’s ARK ENCOUNTER and the CREATION MUSUEM might very well convince you that you should. Answers In Genesis ministries owns and operates this massively important experience. If you are a Christ follower, then a visit to these attractions will show you the crucial importance of the Book of Genesis, perhaps in ways you never thought of before.

In our travels, I’ve been surprised at the number of traveling Christians who don’t know that these attractions exist. The whole purpose of the ministry is to reasonably show how a biblical view of creation is not unscientific, but more so than the so-called evolutionary “science” that most of the world’s “scientists” now believe. I’m reminded of a scene in the film God’s Not Dead when the professor asks a believing student if he could prove scientifically that God made all things. The answer provided by the student is genius: no, but neither can anyone prove scientifically that he didn’t. Actually, the Creation Museum is a representation of the many decades of creationists research that suggests several ways that science, true science, contradicts evolutionary theory in every conceivable way. In essence, a visit to these attractions leaves one wondering how the earth and all people could have been made by anything other than an all-powerful God. Evolution doesn’t make sense. But God does.

The attraction is divided into two different sites. The museum is located in Petersburg, Kentucky, and the Ark is located in Crittenden, Kentucky, about a 30 minute drive south of the museum. Ham built the museum first, and there you will find many outstanding exhibits that show visitors the importance of Genesis to the biblical worldview. They also have a planetarium, my personal favorite part of the museum. Ham completed the Ark in the summer of 2016, and it is now the largest timber frame structure in the world. He built it using the measurements God provided to Noah in Genesis. So, it’s huge. It’s a vessel of titanic proportions! Of course, there are small shops, restaurants, and a petting zoo located at the foot of the ark, but the main attraction is the vessel itself. The ark contains three levels, with exhibits throughout that explain how Noah could have housed the many animal kinds that existed at that time. There is also a living quarters area, an imagined collection of rooms that represents how Noah’s family might have lived while on the Ark. This thing is HUGE!

If you go, I would recommend buying the combo ticket at the reasonable price of $60 a person. One can purchase individual tickets to each attraction, but the combo ticket is the best way to go if you want to see both the museum and the ark. The tickets are good for several days, so I would allot at least two days, maybe three to see everything. Want to do something more physically demanding during your visit? Then the zip-line is an option for you. Outside the museum, the ministry operates a zip-line that you can enjoy if you so choose, (not for me though, so I can’t speak to its quality from experience.) Looking for a more intellectually challenging lecture perhaps? They’ve got you covered. Answers In Genesis scholars frequently deliver lectures in the museum auditorium, so be sure to check out the speaker schedule during your stay. The topics are great, and the speakers do a great job of explaining the importance of the ministry and its impact on the scientific world today.

Personally, I believe God has called the Answers in Genesis ministry into existence to serve as a response to the issues of our time. Most Christians are now unbelievably ignorant about basic biblical truths, and even more unaware of the ways in which mainstream American culture, even American church culture, increasingly neglects the truths of God’s word. The Apostle Peter admonished all believers to be ready to provide a reasonable defense of the faith to those who want to know the basis of the Christian belief system. There’s no excuse for laziness, indifference, and misunderstanding in the body of Christ. A visit to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter shows all visitors that it doesn’t have to be this way. God provides all answers to the many questions people still ask about the origins and meaning of life. If you don’t believe that, sounds to me like you need to visit Ken Ham’s place in Kentucky, then you just might change your mind.

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